Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Talking with our mouths isn't the only way that we can communicate.  There are a variety of other ways that we can use to communicate.  Body language is one way you can use to communicate instead of talking.   Tone and pitch are also important when interacting with others.

Body language is an essential part of communication.  When not using words to speak, people are still able to read your body language.  If when in class and you're slouching and maybe even burying your head in your hands, the teacher may pick on you even though you aren't talking.  Chances are, she's/he's reading your body language and getting the vibe that you're not paying attention to what they're teaching.

The tone and pitch of your voice is also an essential part when interacting.  This is a very easy way to tell how someone is feeling.  An angry teacher would use a high pitched and toned voice to maybe growl someone off as opposed to someone who is perhaps sad and instead of using a high pitched and toned voice, would use a more low pitched and toned voice.  Tone and pitch are important because if you use the wrong tone and pitch in a conversation, misunderstandings could arise.  For example, if you're trying to prove a point to your mum and/or dad and an argument ensues, this could be because you used the wrong tone and pitch with them.

For the subject of Physical Education (PE), communication skills are important because you need them to communicate with your fellow peers and your teacher.  If you have body language that suggests that you don't want to do PE, then that's going to lead to low self efficacy, and low self efficacy leads to having a boring time.  Same goes for the tone and pitch of your voice.  Using a low pitched and toned voice could imply that you aren't having fun so, as mentioned previously, this leads to low self efficacy and low self efficacy leads to a boring lesson.

So, in summation, body language and the tone and pitch of your voice are essential life skills to learn.  With these skills, you will be able to avoid conflict and build better relationships (with others).

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