Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Self Esteem in Touch

In our touch team I have low self esteem.  I don't think that I have much worth or much to contribute to my team.  I never really liked playing touch when I was younger and so as I grew older, I always had a negative attitude towards the sport.  At lunch time all my friends would be playing touch on the field and I'd just sit there watching them because I just hated the sport.

The effect this has on the team is pretty big.  I have some very experienced touch players in my team and they like to come up with some very strategic plans to outsmart the opposition and score tries.  I like to avoid getting the ball when these strategies are being played out because, as mentioned before, I don't think that I can contribute much to the team.   We played touch on Friday and I dropped the ball numerous times because I kept believing that I was of no worth to the team.

I could help my team by trying to become more involved.  By becoming more involved, there's a higher possibility that my team could score more tries.  I think that the more involved I get, the higher my self esteem will become.  Another thing that could help me boost my confidence/self esteem could be to take in the compliments that my team members pay me.  Being someone who mucks up a lot in touch thanks to low self esteem, I tend to block out the compliments because I don't think that I deserve them.

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