Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Self Efficacy and Self Esteem

Self efficacy and self esteem are important when working with other people and taking on challenges.
Efficacy is your judgement on your capability to complete or achieve something and esteem is your view on your self value/self worth.  In PE it's important to have both high self esteem and high self efficacy as it (PE) is a physical subject and thinking that you're not capable of doing anything and you're not as useful to the team as your peers, is going to get you absolutely nowhere in the subject of PE and also in life.

To improve my efficacy and esteem I can become more optimistic and have more positive conversations with myself.  I myself am a person who is, majority of the time, a pessimistic thinker and with this kind of behaviour, I am limiting myself.  Becoming a more open-minded and optimistic thinker will have big effects on my behaviour.  I'd most probably become more confident and will be open to more options, trying out new things that I haven't wanted to do in the past, such as the trust fall.  I was never quite a big fan of doing the trust fall but by thinking optimistically, I was able to.

The effect of having high efficacy and esteem on my group is a better and more fun learning environment.  I've been taught that nobody wants to be around a person who thinks like a pessimist.  They always think the worst and would just be a drag to be around.  However, those with high self esteem and efficacy are always fun to be around as they are always thinking optimistically.  PE is always a fun lesson when everyone is like this and from what I've seen, a lesson full of happy people gets more done in the time span of 45-50 minutes.

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